2021 UW

For veneered or single-side plastic coated boards, plywood,multiplex, 3-S -For use on bench and panel sizing saws - Alternate bevel tooth

Especially suitable for the following wood materials:

Solid hardwood, cross grain up to 30 mm, solid softwood, cross grain up to 30 mm, solid hardwood, cross grain over 30 mm, solid softwood, cross grain over 30 mm, 3 S ply high density plywood, cross, bonded panels solid wood panel, cross, blockboard ST, blockboard STAE, HFD hollow fibre insulation

Especially suitable for the following plastic materials:

Gypsum board

Technical specifications


F: flat tooth
FA: chamfered flat tooth
HDFFN: point-hollow / flat-flat tooth neg.
K: conical flat tooth
K/W: conical-alternate bevel tooth


W: alternate bevel tooth
WA: chamfered alternate bevel
TH: triple-chip-hollow tooth
ES: single top bevel tooth


TF: triple-chip-flat tooth
DH: point-hollow tooth
TT: triple-chip/Triple-chip-tooth
V: adjustable 


Prices plus 25% surcharge from November 15th, 2022

Available Options

50042,83072 WWood materials, Plastic and composites2021.500.30262,00
45042,83066 WWood materials, Plastic and composites2021.450.30211,50
4003,52,53060 WWood materials, Plastic and composites2021.400.30146,00
3503,52,53054 WWood materials, Plastic and composites2021.350.30102,00
3153,22,23048 WWood materials, Plastic and composites2021.315.3096,50
3003,22,23048 WWood materials, Plastic and composites2021.300.3093,00
2803,22,23048 WWood materials, Plastic and composites2021.280.3094,00
2503,22,23042 WWood materials, Plastic and composites2021.250.3074,50

all prices plus country-specific VAT

Suitable for

  • Circular saw

  • Gypsum board

  • Hand-held circular saw

  • Lagenholz Multiplex

  • Massivholz hart quer

  • Massivholz weich quer

  • Mehrschicht 3s längs quer

  • OSB Platte

  • Circular table saw

  • Tischlerplatten

  • Vertical panel sizing saws

  • Weichfaserplatte


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