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Diamond Tools

Polycristalline Diamond, briefly called DP, is an incomparable cutting material for heavy machinable and abrading materials:

  • Materials on wood basis, e.g. chipboards, MDF and beaverboards coated with melamine resin or laminated plastic decor material etc.
  • Very abrasive operating materials, e.g. glass fibre strenghtened synthetics (GFK), epoxy resin and other similar materials which are not economically machinable with carbid metal.
  • Composites

Polycristalline Diamond ist made out of a huge number of monocrystallines by sintering and pressing in a high pressure process with a carbid metal pad. With its carbid metal pad, DP is suited as a solderable assembly for tools for the manufacturing of non-ferrous metals and nonmetals. Compared with natural diamonds DP has no structure. The single graining is connected without a binder. They form a closed coating.

Through its hardness DP is enormously abrasion resistant but also very sensitive against mechanical shock and impact effects. Foreign particles in the machining material always causes damages on the cutting edge. DP-tools can achive a state time improvement (80 – 150-times more compared with conventionally HW-tools) if used with optimal operating conditions.

Download our catalogue and learn more about diamond tools:

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