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A little economic miracle…

Many years of research have led GUHDO to come out with a new line of straight router bits – the G-Max. The objective was to give a solution for abrasive materials that dull the tools.

Special carbide was developed for this purpose along with geometric changes in the tools. These were produced in modern CNC machines and in a grinding of superior quality in automatic machines that transform the G-Max into the very best straight tool.

The new G-Max router bit is compared to a leading competitor at a magnification of x 90 – it is possible to see the difference in the manufactured quality.

Under laboratory conditions the two router bits were tested cutting an abrasive double sided melamine in a thickness of 17 mm. After both tools had cut a distance of 70 meters, the wear of the router bits were compared against each other at a magnification of x 20. The new G-Max router had only worn by 0.07mm, whereas the nearest competitor´s router bit had worn by 0.15mm.

Both tests provide clear evidence of the superior cutting ability of our new G-Max router bits

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